Frontier Airlines $1 Flights Available Here Until Midnight Today (Link)

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Frontier Airlines $1 Flights

Frontier Airlines is offering a limited $1 flights only from now ?til midnight of Sept. 4 in their ?Fly For Only A Buck? Sale. This is a great deal for last minute flights, and those planning to travel from today until Sept. 16.

According to WGN TV, the flights are from Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Trenton and Washington, D.C. There are other destinations covered by the seat sale, and you?d have to check regularly to be sure.

Frontier Airlines $1 Flights

Of course, only the base fare is covered by the seat sale. Although the ticket is only $1, an additional $15 in tax/flight expenses will be added for each way. You?ll also pay extra?for a carry-on bag, checked bag or seat assignment.

Those who are looking into a quick trip however and will travel without any carry-on luggage can pay for a round trip fare of only $30.

Time also reported that flights are NOT sold out yet. The cheapest flights listed on Frontier?s site are $29, and after using the promo code 5OFF at checkout, the price drops down to $25. Again, that?s quite a deal for a flight, but it?s not $1.

Some of the cheapest fares they could find (listed at $29) are for select routes such as Detroit to Washington (Dulles), Denver to Las Vegas, Denver to Phoenix, Orlando to Cleveland, and Cincinnati to Atlanta.

Many other routes are priced at $50 or less. Remember: These are one way prices, and flights back doesn?t necessarily mean that you?re getting the same deal. It?s possible that fares could be much higher in one direction or the other on your preferred dates.

Frontier Airlines announced their seat sale early last week, but it?s only now that they are full on promoting the $1 Flights.

To know more, check for flights at of the traffic they are getting, expect some lags in your sessions.

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