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Frog Fractions 2 Mass Effect Easter Egg Guide: What We Know So Far From The ARG

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Frog Fractions 2

Recently, Jim Crawford?s Frog Fractions 2 was uncovered, and fans are now busy solving the game?s puzzles. More than just a minigame collection, Frog Fractions 2 is actually an Alternate Reality Game, and players must dig deep into its code or use external clues to solve its puzzles. Apparently, the game has also been confirmed to use imported Mass Effect 2 save files to solve one of its puzzles. Here?s what we know so far about the Frog Fraction 2 ARG.

Long History

According to Polygon?s article, it?s been confirmed that Frog Fraction 2 players can import a Mass Effect 2 save file into the game. Since Frog Fractions 2 isn?t explicitly tied to the Electronic Arts game, this feature seems weird for the game. However, Crawford confirmed that there will be a puzzle that will use different Mass Effect 2 save files. Players can also use downloaded save files online if they haven?t played or don?t have any Mass Effect 2 save files on-hand.


Despite the Frog Fractions 2 popularity, none of the game?s fans are also overtly public about the answers or their progress about their answers. The game took?two actual years to arrive so fans ?and even outsiders could be intrigued about this game. Again, the game also sports minigames which are often silly but could attract fans for its novelty rather than its mystery. However, the Frog Fractions 2 ARG clues are also humorous by itself which may also encourage fans to follow its progress.

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Recent ARGs So Far

If you?re aiming to play Frog Fractions 2?s minigames while also understanding its ARG, we can take a look at Blizzard’s Overwatch Sombra ARG. In the beginning, players cracked Blizzard?s puzzles to show pieces of Sombra?s reveal. Players had to know or at least understand coding and deciphering techniques to solve her puzzles. Some general knowledge about almost anything to prepare for understanding her clues were also needed just in case the clue mentions a cryptic message.

However, Blizzard’s ARG flunked as players lost interest after they followed Sombra?s clues only to reveal that she will go into hiding, and they had to?wait for a clock to finish up. However, Blizzard admitted that they handled their ARG poorly, so it might be different for Jim Crawford’s Frog Fractions 2.??Let?s hope that the game?holds up until the fans completely solve this puzzle.

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