Frobisher Says!: The Party Game For the PS Vita

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No, we aren?t talking about the Doctor?s shape-shifting friend this time. We?re taking a look at Sony Entertainment?s take on the multi-mini-game genre: “Frobisher Says!”

Released in 2012, this lovely gem hosts over 40 mini-games to keep one busy and happy. Aside from that interestingly-accentuated gentleman that calls the shots at every start, the graphics and characters look very lovable and unique. It’s the perfect party game.

You need to hear how he says it. It gets stuck in your head.

And if those things aren?t reasons enough to grab a free copy from the Playstation Store, TheBitBag will be giving you just a few more to close the deal.


  1. You get to punch a bear ? Oh, come on. You?ve always wanted to do this. Use the shoulder buttons to throw punches and knock him out!

    The mountains at the back scream for his bruises

  2. You get to pilot the ?Megacopter? ? Any gamer would want to have something to do with a Megacopter. And the way he says it makes it sound so epic. We do find the Megacopter to be mega cute.


  3. You get to smile at pretty girls ? We admit you can do that in real life. But with Frobisher, you don?t get slapped or reported to the police. This is perfect for any party.

    If there was a conveyor belt of women in bikinis, we would love to work there

  4. You get to drive a train ? Deliver his pudding using a toy train! We do admit we?ve never heard a train go ?chufty?

    chufty chufty chufty chufty

  5. You get points for making a ruckus ? Never have we been rewarded for making a racket. Isn?t that enough reason to like this?

    We have never seen a stranger band. Cute, but strange.

  6. Your get to take selfies ? Nowadays, who doesn?t love having their picture taken? Take out those pearly whites!

    Frobisher hates duckfaces. Do it right!

  7. You get to rain on someone?s parade ? Now you can be the mean person you?ve always wanted to be; literally! The controls are a bit shaky though as the rain cloud might go too far.

    You’ve gotta hear how he says it

On top of these interesting mini-games, you can unlock new ones with more gameplay. Don?t forget to use Near when you?re out and about to unlock more game content as well. Or you could always buy the Super Fun Pack. But what we love about most about this game is the fact that despite your efforts, Frobisher still asks you to ?get your coat?. Nothing beats a party game host with an attitude.




All photos were taken from my PS Vita

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