Tinder for Students Only: Friendsy is Launching in 1600 Universities and Colleges

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Friendsy is the latest app that is exclusive for university students. It’s basically?Tinder meets Facebook where you can meet, chat, unfriend and hookup with other students

The life of a student is pretty hard especially when it comes to their social relationships. It is always hard to make friends in a large university but luckily, this new messaging app can do that for you, Friendsy, the?latest app for university students.

The exclusive, students-only messaging App Friendsy is now available for both iOS and Android

In case you are wondering what is Friendsy, it is like Tinder and has the same feature of Tinder where you can meet random people and chat with them.

This app was invented by two Princeton University senior students, Michael Pinsky and Vaidhy Murti.

?College students get stuck, they want to branch out, but it can be surprisingly difficult to meet new people on campus.? said Michael Pinsky, one of the creators of the app [via dailymail].

According to the report made by dailymail, Friendsy has been a huge success with over 25,000 users and 200,000 matches on their test on 40 campuses. Because of its huge impact on the students, they are now planning to launch the app nationwide at over 1,600 colleges and universities.

This will certainly help the students with their problem of meeting new friends within the campus. It is hard and can be depressing at times but because of this new app, connecting to other people is now only a tap away.

As explained by Androidheadlines, on Friendsy, you can also find the swiping feature like what Tinder has on their messaging app. You can do a left swipe if you want to discard the person you are talking to or right swipe. Though the right swipe feature is pretty different with Tinder because when you do that function, you will be given different options to choose from like ?friends?, ?date? or even ?hook-up?.

This might sound really exciting but as stated on Androidheadlines, before you can register to this app, you must first have an (dot)edu email address. So if you are a student who keeps having a hard time meeting other people within the campus, Friendsy is the perfect solution for that.

Image source and credits to Friendsy

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