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Friend in Need: Destiny of Spirits Boss Raid and Summon Special Event

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Download counts are a measurement of how successful or how appealing a game is. In the land of freebies, it?s just as good as sales. And for a title such as Destiny of Spirits for the PS Vita, reaching 500,000 downloads is surely a good indicator of prosperity. To commemorate this achievement (err? we mean trophy) they have lowered the prices of Destiny Orbs and have reincorporated their crossover spirits in this event called Friend in Need.

Players may take this opportunity to stack on summon orbs that allow them to call forth higher-class spirits from other games such as Patapon, Soul Sacrifice and Gravity Rush. Breakdowns of Destiny Orb discounts are as follows:

  • 105 orbs: $7.99 to $6.49
  • 200 orbs: $14.99 to $11.99
  • 300 orbs: $19.99 to $15.99
  • 500 orbs: $29.99 to $23.99
  • 1000 orbs: $49.99 to $39.99

Yes you?re reading that right, summoner! They now have a 1000 orb denomination! Just in case you broke up with your girlfriend before you bought her that expensive anniversary present. They?re very thoughtful that way.

These orbs are not only for summoning purposes. They can also be used to restore Boss Raid points as well as instantly restore the HP of your spirits. No need to wait! We know how much gamers hate loading screens and download estimates.

The Friend in Need event also sports a Boss Raid section wherein players can take on the chaos versions of their attractive and interestingly-dressed helper/aid/secretary/doting girlfriend spirits. Each region has a certain helper spirit that guides players on certain tasks as well as provides tutorials for newbies.

Focus on the popcorn

And to top all of those lovely bonuses off, this event also gives players a chance to hunt down and obtain the SUPER RARE SPIRIT Ouranos! This guy looks like Kratos with hair. Nonetheless, the sprite looks awesome and any player would love to have an SR spirit in their library for showing-off purposes.


This sprite is so awesome we can’t think of anything funny to say about it


With these lovely things to look out for, The Friend in Need event is surely a good reason to keep players hooked on the Destiny of Spirits which we did a piece on as well. This will also be a good way to encourage other Vita owners to download the game as well. Happy summoning!

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