?Friday The 13th Movie? Reboot And TV Series: Release Date, Director Revealed! Famous Thriller Film Now A Crime Series?

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Looks like Jason Voorhees is finally getting the media hype he waited for. The CW has confirmed that they are going to develop a new drama series called ?Friday the 13th,? based on the hit movie franchise, according to Deadline. In addition to the series, ?Friday the 13th? will also be having a reboot set for 2016. What a way to spring Jason Voorhees? entertainment career to the top. Even if he doesn?t have the facial features of a model celebrity, maybe his undeniable jaw-dropping strength and the fact he is somewhat of an immortal can bring his popularity on the uprise.

?Friday the 13th? series

Mark Pedowitz of The CW announced that the series adaptation will be written by Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle, shared by Deadline. Jason Voorhees will apparently be more alive with a stronger feel of grounded reality which will be a sophisticated, horror/crime thriller about the ongoing quest of a detective that is searching for his missing brother that is tied with Jason, a long thought dead serial killer who returns to make a pandemonium in Crystal Lake, posted by Deadline.

?Friday the 13th? reboot

The reboot, directed by David Bruckner and written by Nick Antosca, is set to release on May 13th of next year from IMdB. But considering that there is still no news of an on-going production, the date may be set back further. There is still no information regarding the actors who will play the role of the characters of Friday the 13th, but one thing?s for sure, expect a lot of blood-spraying and gut-spilling action.

Residents of Crystal Lake will never be the same again once Jason Voorhees comes back to his beloved town. So if there?s one thing we can advise the townspeople, maybe prepare a homecoming party for him instead of running for your lives because with the most unstoppable killer around, there?s nowhere for you to go.

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