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Friday The 13th Game Xbox One Version Lacks Day One Patch, Bugs And Server Issues Plague Launch

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Friday the 13th Game
Source: Friday the 13th: The Game – ‘Killer’ Trailer PAX East 2017 video

Gun Media’s Friday the 13th game Xbox One version still doesn’t have its day one patch yet. Gun Media confirms that this needed patch will arrive this coming Tuesday. As fans wait for this patch, bugs and server-related issues still prevent some players from enjoying the game.

Day One Patch

Friday the 13th’s Xbox One version is currently receiving flak as players think it’s still in a “beta build” due to it having worse graphics than the PS4 and PC version. A Friday the 13th moderator JPops confirms this isn’t the case. Though not directly mentioned by the developers, it might have something to do with the lack of a day one patch on the Xbox One version.

As posted on the official Friday the 13th game forums, co-creator Wes Keltner confirmed on the Friday the 13th game Discord that they’re working with Microsoft for the game’s Xbox One day one patch. The patch might arrive this Tuesday (May 30) as they’re on a weekend holiday break. Meanwhile, the official Friday the 13th game Facebook page confirms that Xbox One fixes will come out “mid next week.” We can to expect Friday the 13th Xbox One patch to release in the coming days.

Buggy Game and Server Overload

The official Friday the 13th game Facebook page released a FAQ post to answer many issues that players are experiencing right now. Apparently, the developers explain in the FAQ that many bugs are caused by overloaded servers. Some Friday the 13th server issues are preventing players from getting in the game.

The developers said their servers broke when the player count spiked up to 75,000 in a short time. Due to the server overload, players are being registered into bad accounts with corrupted data. The developers confirm that majority of player accounts are okay and only 10% are corrupted.

Most of the player progression issues are mostly from Gun Media’s overloaded servers. Moreover, some players are reporting about not getting DLC codes. Gun Media explains that everything will normalize once the servers stabilize. This buggy Friday the 13th first week of release is definitely a bad start for both players and developers.


Friday the 13th game’s direct competitor , Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight, will release its console versions on June 20 for North America and June 23 for Europe. Gun Media has three weeks left to fix their game. However, we’ve yet to see if Gun Media’s competitors handles their console version releases better. Both games have a similar gameplay. For now, we can only hope that Gun Media fixes the game to let players fully enjoy this asymmetrical multiplayer title.

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