Friday The 13th Game Review Roundup: Light On Game Modes, Lacks Variety For Survivors

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Friday the 13th Game
Source: XIII PAX West Trailer 2016 — Friday the 13th: The Game video

Early Friday The 13th game players have already shared their thoughts based on the game’s earlier builds. The game successfully pulls off its intended gameplay feel but falls short on its smaller systems. Here’s what we know about the Friday the 13th game based from its reviews.

Feels Like A Slasher Flick

According to Gamespot’s review, Friday the 13th’s asymmetrical team-based PvP multiplayer gameplay fits well with its theme. The game focuses on a group of camp counselors trying to escape the iconic Friday the 13th killer, Jason Voorhees. Each of the camp counselors and Jason himself are all playable characters in the match.

The game works well as it has a built-in “fear” gauge that illustrates how panicky your character is. Your character stumbles easily and Jason can find these rattled characters easily, which is thematic to a horror movie. Jason players will also get a chance to hear their victims’ voice chat to observe their reaction when caught and killed. Friday the 13th The Game is definitely a good title to play with other fans who want to scare each other.

Game Balance Is Okay But Bland

DreamcastGuy’s review points out that the counselors play too similar even with their different stats. None of these characters have particular abilities that make them play different from each other. Players may get tired of playing these characters in the long run if not given anything else to customize their playstyle.

Friday the 13th’s game balance successfully gives out that horror chase feel. However, it falls flat with its current systems right now.

The counselors can use whatever they can to escape the camp and Jason has multiple ways to kill them depending on the chosen version of the character. Each counselor has their own stats that can decide their proficiencies like running speed, repair speed, or resistance to fear. Meanwhile, the killer player has different versions of Jason to choose from as each has their unique skills and abilities. The game’s systems are coherent enough and generate a sense of advantage to the players.

Still In Development

The only fault in these reviews is that they were played at an earlier version, as Gamespot admits. Gun Media might have polished these issues before release to give the fans both the scary and competitive experience. Friday the 13th The Game will be released in a few days in which we can see if the game’s systems improves.

Meanwhile, written reviews like IGN Spain has given Friday the 13th a 6.8 rating. Gun Media’s game was praised for its successful portrayal of the movie’s atmosphere but it was criticized for the lack of game modes. However, Gun Media previously announced that they’ll add more content via post-release updates. More of these reviews will show up once the game is released. Friday the 13th: The Game officially launches on May 26 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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