Friday the 13th Game: Main Differences From Dead By Daylight

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Friday the 13th Game
Source: XIII PAX West Trailer 2016 — Friday the 13th: The Game video

Gun Media’s Friday the 13th game has repeatedly been compared with Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight. Both games feature a group of players to be survivors trying not to get caught by a killer. Here are some core differences of Friday the 13th game from Behavior Interactive’s title.

Many Ways to Escape

In Dead by Daylight, the survivors only have one objective to escape the killer: fix all generators to open the escape gate and leave sucessfully. This objective is the same regardless of the stage or killer used for the match. However, the Friday the 13th game gives at least four options for players to escape the area.

According to the Friday the 13th subreddit, there are multiple ways for counselors (the game’s version of survivors) to win a match:

  • Repairing a boat or car and escaping on it
  • Repairing the phone, calling the cops and moving toward them
  • Round Timer runs out
  • Killing Jason

The game gives players a chance to kill Jason to escape if they choose to. Other than killing Jason, players can cooperate to repair broken equipment and escape the area. At least in a horror movie setting, these escape options are the most reasonable ways to escape the killer.

Fighting Back

Dead By Daylight’s systems only allow the players to resist or disrupt the Killer’s actions but never be able to kill him. Meanwhile, Friday the 13th’s counselors have more means to fight against its killer. Counselors can deny Jason from killing by whacking him with a weapon. Players can also call in Tommy Jarvis, a special counselor who can can shoot Jason and even kill him, if given the chance. Alternatively, Jarvis can also cover the counselors to prevent Jason from interrupting any repairs.

Just Jason

Unlike Dead by Daylight’s cast of different looking killers, Friday the 13th game only has Jason. However, Friday the 13th series fans will like this as the incarnations of Jason are treated as separate characters in this game. Each Jason version has its own strengths and weaknesses, which increases the number of playable killers. So far, only six incarnations of Jason are available on launch unless you pre-ordered the game for the Tom Savini DLC Jason.

Single Player Mode

Gun Media will include a single-player mode for Friday the 13th even if they didn’t reach the stretch goal for it. Behavior Interactive’s Dead By Daylight doesn’t have this feature at all and only has online PvP game modes. The single-player mode can satisfy those players who just want to face the horror without other players around.

Friday the 13th will definitely cover the fans’ needs for its casual and competitive gameplay. Potentially, the players might be in scenarios similar to each Friday the 13th movie entry.


In Dead By Daylight, the maps are desolate fields and abandoned buildings which evoke dread in players as soon as the match starts. However, Friday the 13th’s map is set in the “camp in the woods”, which is usually used in thriller movies. Players will have to search each cabin for items and tools that can help them fight or escape Jason. More than its bleak scenery, Friday the 13th’s area can scare players even with its ordinary setting with a killer running around.

Release Date

Gun Media’s Friday The 13th game is slated for release this coming May 26. It doesn’t have any other horror game release to compete with. The last Dead By Daylight Spark of Madness DLC was released last May 11 which makes Gun Media’s game safe from competition. Stay updated with more horror game news here on The BitBag.

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