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Friday The 13th Game Vs Dead By Daylight: Which Game Has More Content?

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Friday the 13th Game
Source: Friday the 13th: The Game – ‘Killer’ Trailer PAX East 2017 video

Gun Media’s Friday the 13th game is about to be released this coming May 26. Some fans could be thinking twice to buy this game as it’s similar to Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight, which is scheduled to launch on consoles in June 20. Here’s what we know about Friday the 13th and Dead By Daylight’s content to help you decide.

Friday The 13th’s Gameplay

Both Dead By Daylight and Friday The 13th places players in a team of survivors trying to escape a player-controlled killer. However, both games do things differently when it comes to their smaller gameplay systems. Friday the 13th gives its survivors a chance to interrupt the killer through tools and weapons found off the map. Meanwhile, Dead By Daylight survivors can only openly oppose the killer if they’ve got the right perks, but they can never hit or touch killers directly. Overall, Friday the 13th’s gameplay systems encourage players to plan well as survivors and the killer can be killed if they have the opportunity to do so.


Dead by Daylight definitely has a wealth of playable killers than the Friday the 13th game. Each Dead by Daylight killer has distinct looks and abilities from one another. Some of the killers in Dead by Daylight include a ghastly nurse, a doctor who can manipulate electricity, and Michael Myers from the John Carpenter’s Halloween movie. However, the devs stated that the initial release of Dead by Daylight on consoles will not include all DLCs from the PC version.

“The Halloween DLC will not be part of the initial release,” the studio said in a dev stream. “It includes Flesh and Mud, Spark of Madness, 80s Suitcase, and the Last Breath.”

Meanwhile, Friday the 13th fills up their killer roster with multiple versions of Jason. These Jasons have different skills and abilities but you’re still playing Jason essentially. Dead By Daylight definitely has a better selection of killers but not all of them are used by the community because they’re sometimes rendered useless against experienced players.


Dead By Daylight has already surpassed Friday the 13th’s three starting maps due to their post-release DLCs. Dead By Daylight focuses on more places inspired from horror movies while Friday the 13th just makes real forest lodge camps without too much scary distortions. 

Game Price

As seen on their Steam pages, Dead by Daylight is $20 cheaper than the Friday the 13th game. $39.99 seems reasonable as Friday the 13th is directly based from the known movie series. Both games will likely keep adding more playable survivors, killers, and maps as they grow on. Friday the 13th is going to bank on its brand to sell to horror fans and gamers aiming to try this multiplayer genre. It’s up to the players which game they’re going to pick basing on their own tastes and their budget. Stay updated with more Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight news here on The BitBag.

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