French Gymnast Breaks Leg at Rio Olympics 2016 [Graphic Content]

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Rio Olympics 2016 Games
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A french gymnast breaks leg at the men?s qualification event at the Rio Olympics 2016. The athlete?s name is Samir Ait Said, an artistic gymnast. The injury happened during his vault landing. A crack was heard throughout the arena as he landed. He was seen rolling over holding his left leg below the knee. The lower half of his shin and his foot was already dangling. ?


The gruesome injury was heartbreaking for Samir Ait Said and the French team. He is reported to have snapped his left leg breaking his tibia and fibia. French team leader Corrine Moustard-Callon, as quoted by USA Today, said that they will continue examinations to find out if any other parts of the leg was injured other than the bone. What makes this more heartbreaking is that Samir Ait Said had qualified for the final on still rings.

The French federation revealed that Ait Said promised to come back and win gold in the next Olympics.

Problem with the Vault

It was revealed by other athletes that the vault used in the event had an ?extra kick?. Mark Williams, the US men?s coach, said that there was a different feel to the vault at the competition arena to the one in the training gym. He revealed that the one in the competition arena is not the same ?solid block? available at the gym. Also, gymnasts got to only train once on the competition floor before they attempt to qualify.

?We?re just not used having that little spring action. Guys needed to take more time to get ready for that,? Williams said.

Adding Insult to Injury

After the tragic accident happened, Samir Ait Said, the French gymnast who broke his leg, suffered another potential injury or pain causing incident. It was reported by Martin Rogers in USA Today that Olympic staffers had dropped Ait Said?s stretcher as they were loading him to the ambulance.

Ait Said is no stranger to injury. He missed the 2012 Olympics after breaking his right tibia in three places. This incident also happened when he was on vault a few months before the Olympic Games at the European championships.

Stay tuned for more Rio Olympics 2016 updates.

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