Freedom Planet 2 News: Carol Gets New Jump Disk Ability! FP1 PS4 Release Date Possibly Coming Next Month

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Freedom Planet 2

Recently, GalaxyTrail announced the character trailer for Carol the Wildcat for Freedom Planet 2. Instead of flying, Carol sports some grounded mobility as she can climb walls and fight with her claws. The trailer revealed that she gets the new Jump Disk ability which she can throw out to attack and dash toward enemies for an extra boost. Lastly, there might be an announcement on the first Freedom Planet PS4 port next month. Here?s what we know so far.

Carol in Freedom Planet 2

In the official trailer, GalaxyTrail showed off an early build of Carol?s gameplay in Freedom Planet 2. She retains most of her old abilities and motorcycle from the first game. Carol receives the new ?Jump Disk? ability which she throws out to deal damage or follow up for a multi-hit spin attack which is perfect for large bosses. This new ability may explain why there aren?t any ?Jump Pads? seen in the trailer which Carol can exclusively use in the first game.

Carol?s motorcycle was barely featured in the trailer, but their official Facebook post confirmed that she has learned new tricks in Freedom Planet 2. New moves and even a ?Jump Disk? throw maneuver can be done with the motorcycle; as the post confirms. Overall, Carol sports a more controlled and grounded mobility with her pounce, wall jump, and Jump Disk than Lilac?s Dragon Dashes and Cyclones.

PS4 Version of Freedom Planet

Meanwhile, a fan asked about an update for the PS4 version of Freedom Planet 1. The official page replied ?some time in the next month or so,? but they?re still waiting for Sony?s approval too. Fans will have to hope things go well if PS4 fans want to play Freedom Planet on their console.

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Milla is Next?

Milla the Basset Hound is the third character in the first Freedom Planet game which sports a skill set that?s somehow difficult to use for mobility. In the first game, her attacks involve barriers and green blocks that they use to hurt or throw enemies. She can reflect shots and even mix the barrier and green block for a stronger blast. However, her mobility tools like the float and knockback from the barrier blast are difficult to use. Lastly, her health was significantly less than Carol and Lilac. It?s possible that she may receive major changes if her trailer gets released next week.

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