Freedom Planet 2 Demo Release On January 2017! First Gameplay Footage Shows Lilac The Dragon Girl

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Freedom Planet 2 Demo

Recently, developer GalaxyTrail announced that a Freedom Planet 2 demo will be released at the end of January 2017. The first gameplay footage reveal shows the titular character Lilac the Dragon, which shows of the game?s new sprite work, gameplay system, and Lilac?s new moves.?

Freedom Planet 2 Demo

According to the official Freedom Planet 2 Facebook page, a ?Freedom Planet 2: Sample Version? will be released for free by the end of January. GalaxyTrail confirms that they?ll announce the exact release dates of the Freedom Planet 2 demo at a later time. This aligns on Freedom Planet 2 designer Stephen DiDuro?s comment on Game Done Quick about an Alpha version of the game. GalaxyTrail will release this game on the PC but also plans to release it on every platform according to an official comment on their?Facebook page.

New Lilac

As seen in the Lilac Gameplay Preview, Freedom Planet 2?s Lilac shows a different art-style than the original game. Lilac is taller, grown-up and has better visuals than her shorter counterpart in the first game. More than just visual changes, Lilac seems to have new air attacks and the Wing Glider air dash along with her old moves. It?s possible that she?ll receive more attacks and abilities as this is still a work in progress. We might even find out new moves that weren?t stressed out in the trailer in the upcoming Freedom Planet 2 demo.

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Next Characters

As seen in the reveal trailer, Lilac, Carol, and Milla are about to face Merga to stop her from using the Bakunawa. Merga plans to use it to take revenge on the three Kingdoms along with the help of some of the new characters. Due to being a threat against the three Kingdoms, players might be able to get characters like Neera Li and Sargeant Askal as playable characters in the game. However, characters from the previous game like Torque, Spade, and Serpentine may not even make a brief appearance as they may have no reason to be in this fight. If we?re lucky, we might find new playable characters?in the Freedom Planet 2 demo release.

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