Free yourself from work stress with the help of this neck massager that has six massage modes you will enjoy

This device will also help you improve your neck posture in the long run

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Whether sitting on your couch or doing gruesome tasks at the office, your neck will always be one of the first recipients of stress. With millions of people, particularly adults, complain about neck and back pains every day, there should be something to address and resolve these issues. And since you’re here, let me share one product your neck will always love.

Meet DealExtreme Electric Pulse Massager, your neck’s new resting place!

DealExtreme recently developed a new relaxation tool in the form of an Electric Pulse Massager. This product aims to alleviate the pain you feel on your necks caused by work or mere stress. It also has six massage modes you can’t complete in massage parlors. So, better grab yours and see what else this offers.

How does it work?

The DealExtreme Electric Pulse Massager is like a neck brace, only that it’s centered to relieve pain on your neck and upper back. Wear this device on your neck from behind. Be sure the massager’s shape conforms to that of your neck. Calibrate the buttons on the device, and begin to feel the wonders this product does on you.

What are its massage modes?
  • Cupping
  • Scraping
  • Acupuncture
  • Manipulation
  • Percussion mode
  • Massage mode
What other significant features does it have?
  • 3D intelligent fit technology
  • Electronic pulse massage
  • Magnetic effect
  • Circular traction
  • Does it hurt after use?

    No! You’ll even get better feels after every massage session with this device. Aside from massages being good for blood circulation and pain relief, this device will also help you attain better neck posture. Thus, not only do you get to be free from stress, but you also achieve some good posture.