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Free your back from pain and establish better posture with the help of this multi-level stretching device

Its portable design makes it easy to use anytime, anywhere

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As adults, it’s no strange that back pains become part of our day, even without doing anything. In the end, we all conclude that these strains are because of work, stress, and lack of exercise. The good thing is, you need not hit the gym to loosen your back muscles and free them from tension. Let me share this lumbar device that will help you get through these kinds of pain.

It’s time to give your back the ultimate relief it needs. Meet Inspire Uplift’s Lumbar Stretcher!

The Inspire Uplift Lumbar Stretcher is more of a treatment than a piece of workout equipment. This device aims to relieve pain from your lower back caused by idle times or stress. Consistent usage of this product will also help you improve your posture and lessen the risk of age-related bone issues.

How does it work?

Using the stretcher is like lying down on your bed, only with some thrill this time. You’ll have to lie down with an arch on your back. This device has adjustable level options available for you. That way, you’ll be able to treat your spinal issues gradually and not too intense in the first few days. As soon as you feel your back comfortably conforming to the arch, it’s time to adjust the device to a higher level.

What other features does it have?
  • Better flexibility
  • Extended range of motion
  • Preventive care device
  • Effective back pain reliever

Is this medically recommended?

Even health experts like Chiropractors and Physicians will advise using this device before resorting to supplements and some serious therapy. Thus, having this device can save you from incurring costs related to back and spine issues. Also, it’s a safe and organic way to get through lumbar pains.

How do I install it?

This stretcher has two detachable components. All you need is to mount the two and adjust the arch level based on your preference. It’s not bulky, nor does it occupy too much space. That means you can dismantle it quickly and take it anywhere, whether in your car or office.

$29.97 $35.00

Get it here!