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Hello fellow BitBag-ers, today I’m going to talk about a free to play MMORPG that goes by the name of Runes of Magic. I’m not sure how many visitors of this site even play games on their PCs or for that matter MMOs. I have to first admit a few things about my gaming habits.

I’m actually a PC gamer first then a console gamer second. For my situation computer gaming is more practical for my needs. I travel a lot for my work which involves cross country meetings, so I find myself away from my home consoles more often than not. Purchasing games for my PC has not only become a necessity but more of a mandate that my travels demand.

Think of it like this, you have Gears of War on your Windows based laptop and you have to go to another state for a meeting and you’ll be there for a few days. Your day comes to an end so you head back to the hotel (which 99.9% of hotels offer free or cheap internet) and you want to jump on Live! for some chatting and/or gaming? All I have to do is power up my laptop fire up Gears and log into Live! and boom I can voice, text chat with all of my Xbox 360 buddies right from the comfort of my gaming notebook.

To do so all you need is this and you original wireless controller and headset. That’s it you’ll have access to your guide button and the mic and everything just works!

OK, now that I have explained a little bit about my gaming habits I can move on to the Runes of Magic over view. I want to point out that this is not a full review but more of a quick explanation of why a gamer that likes RPGs should give it a try. Most non PC gamers when asked: Do you know of any good MMORPGs, from my experience have mostly been told or recommend to buy World of Warcraft, or GuildWars since both offer a huge community and for the most part will have more gamers online at any given time.

BUT, this is not so true any more. With the growing F2P MMORPG trend hitting it’s stride, you can find Free to Play/Download MMOs growing in popularity by the day.

Which brings me to one of my favorite MMOs Runes of Magic. The game is deep and feature rich with the ability to create a character that is fully customizable. Race, class, armor, magical abilities, hair, face, body build and so on. The options are grand in scale once you evolve your character. Personally I would recommend a Warrior for the first timer, since you will be able to take and give more damage by default, but a Mage can do devastating damage from a distance once leveled up above Lvl 10.

I also want to point out that with an MMO you are not ever limited my a set number of friends you can play with at the same time. I have been in parties of 8 on certain quests but have gathered with around 30 guild buddies when we just wanted to hang out and trade goods or just to hang out in some far off location for chatting and getting to know other guild members. It’s truly amazing. LoL

For example if we wanted to, the entire Warzone audience could just run TeamSpeak in the background while everyone is in the game voice chatting the whole time while questing with no need for any text chat at all or if you wanted to you could text chat and send private messages even while live chat is going on. Something that the consoles will have deal with if it ever thinks of dethroning the PC as a gaming platform IMHO (mind you so far this is not costing you one dime).

I could continue on and on about features and social gaming but to give you a better view of the graphics and scale of the world of Runes of Magic check out the video below or visit the official website and sign up. If you have some time to try something new and different from the everyday console RPG give it shot and see for your self here.
The cost of entry is your time. Peace!

Key Features include:
1. Free to play: no monthly fees, free to download
2. Regular new content updates, e.g., classes, races, game modes and much more
3. Extensive dual class system with six primary classes and a selectable secondary class
4. Versatile spell and attack combinations
5. More than 1,000 quests and comprehensive quest series with continuous storyline
6. Enthralling background story
7. Freely accessible game world in atmospheric 3D
8. Instanced and persistent dungeons
9. Individually developed skills and spells
10. Armor sets with special bonuses
11. Dynamic item system: upgrades available with hundreds of runes
12. Player vs. player system with arena battles and guild wars
13. Server vs. server PvP
14. Ranking system: ranking lists
15. Mounts: various unique mounts
16. Epic crafting system with the chance to improve existing items
17. Housing from the beginning: personalization of houses through individual furnishing
18. Guild houses in special zones
19. Reputation system
20. Scalable user interface based on user preference (development of add-ons possible)
21. In-game map and radar system to easily find dealers, resources and quests
22. Auction house: auction and purchase in-game items
23. Teleporting possibilities using runes
24. Control with mouse (point and click) and/or keyboard (WASD or arrow keys)

(VIDEO) Runes of Magic

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