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Pokemon GO Plus: Price, Release Date And Where To Get

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Pokemon GO Plus
Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO Plus is an add-on accessory that interacts with the original game. If you are willing to shell out $34.99, this accessory will be yours.

Pokemon GO Plus Release Date & Working Mechanism

The Pokemon GO Plus will be released tomorrow, Sept. 16. Many major changes are being anticipated. This peripheral might change the way the game is played.

Sure, this accessory requires pairing but it can act as a standalone peripheral. You can play the game without checking out the handset?s screen all throughout the game play. However, not much information is available online to ascertain how it works. Nevertheless, there are some rumors going around giving an idea of what to expect from this mini gadget.

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Polygon says the Pokemon GO Plus ?resembles a Poke Ball mixed with a Google Maps pin.? This gadget apparently makes use of Bluetooth LE to connect to the smartphone. In order to play the game, you can wear the device like a bracelet or clip it in the attire.

As mentioned earlier, the highlight is Pokemon GO Plus lets you catch pocket monsters without the help of your phone. In case a Pokemon surfaces, the device will apparently light up. At this point, you can throw a PokeBall using the peripheral?s button.

Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO Plus

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The only requirement is upon pairing the accessory with the Pokemon GO following the given steps, both devices should be in range with each other. Both devices will apparently vibrate if a Pokemon is close by.

The Pokemon GO Plus also helps in collecting Poke Balls, Berries, Pokemon Eggs and other items from set Poke Stop locations without the need to use your phone. It is worth noting that this device is not machine-specific. This means both Android and iOS smartphones can be paired with this accessory to catch Pokemon.

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Pokemon GO Plus Availability, Price

If you are looking for the Pokemon GO Plus accessory, it is currently out of stock in most places. But keep an eye on these two sites: Amazon and?GameStop. The status may change to ?In Stock? anytime. Also, the price ($34.99) is same in both sites.

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