Free Online Game About Windows XP ?s Fate, Blow Everything to Pieces

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Escape From XP
Escape From XP

Windows XP has been put to rest a few days ago. Further customer support for it were already dropped and it had its last update. The operating system officially became phased out and its security is now a clear war zone of countless holes to be invaded by future malicious programs, scripts, etc. A free online game was actually created to let everybody visualize how and what is inevitable with sticking with Windows XP for so long.

Microsoft doesn?t lack humor as it seems ?they had their Internet Explorer team create a simple and free online game called ?Escape From XP?. The operating system Windows XP was referred to as the toughest and most enduring operating system as it did stick around for the longest time. The game clearly materializes this thought into a game where the surroundings almost looked like it was there for ages.

The visuals of the game aren?t like something that came out from Microsoft?s Xbox or even ARCADE for that matter. It looks like an 8-bit game for an old Nintendo console, but who would care about it now? The game is more about being a light-hearted joke and a recommendation.

The game?s goal is simple. Survive the game as long as you can. You certainly won?t end up beating the game as it gets extremely difficult. You start out with a few Internet Explorer icons attacking you. Along with them are some old computers. As you breeze through the first few enemies, they gradually increase in numbers which eventually, will outnumber you.

At the end of the game, a chopper that personifies Microsoft?s last support, will assist you in escaping ?XP? and will give you the chance to blow up the entire city (Windows XP) into smithereens. The game quickly wraps up hinting ?about upgrading to the newer operating systems.

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