Free Music Downloads: Our list of the best places to download free music

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Looking for great, robust, legal places for free music downloads? You?ve come to the right place. We?ve put together a handy list of places you can visit regularly for music downloads and a few artists who don?t adhere to the usual business model for selling and promoting their music. Using Creative Commons licenses, some artists let you use or listen to their music for free depending on their preferences.

We would like to say, though, that it?s always best to show your appreciation for great artists by supporting their work in any way you can. This is why we?re so excited that some artists and sites let you listen and download music for minimal fees, instead of the exorbitant prices that record companies charge.

So if you?re looking for free music downloads that are completely legal, here are the sites and artists to check out:


  • Jamendo

You?d need to register first to listen and download tracks from Jamendo, but they?re one of the best sites for getting licenses for music you want to use for your business or project. If you need background music or other tracks that suit a project of yours, this is your first stop. They also have a wide range of independent artists that want to get their music heard, so you won?t ever run out of new sounds.


  • Amazon

That?s right, you can get free music on the web?s largest shopping site. They offer a lot (we mean a mind boggling amount) of tracks for free and it?s even sorted by genre. You may find some popular tracks hidden among the lists of free music. All you need is an Amazon account and you?re ready to browse for free music!

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  • YouTube

You don?t necessarily need a music ripper or downloader to get the tracks you want and it might take a bit of tweaking on your part if you want to get the newest, most popular songs on YouTube. What you do need is a third party service that converts your favourite music video into purely MP3 or AAC format. After it?s converted, you can download the track they?ve fixed up for you!


  • FMA or Free Music Archive

This site has been around since forever, and the developers strive to give you the best free music through their own brand of savvy networking and content curation. With their network of other like-minded artists and curators, they allow people to download free music from their vast library that could take months to comb.

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  • Pay what you want artists

Thanks to the internet, some artists have decided to step away from record labels and offer their music on their own site with the pay what you want model. This model lets you download the songs for any amount you wish to pay. This includes a free download to as low as a dollar for the whole album! Some great artists like Amanda Palmer and Radiohead have adhered to this model. Check out your favourite artists? websites to see if they offer freebies.

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