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He?s small and he?s soft. Kardel Sharpeye is the perfect underdog story for Dota and will make one of the best carries if you can turn him into a rags-to-riches story. From a tougher-sounding dwarf from Dota 1 to the almost-annoying nerd with a rifle today, TheBitBag?gives?our Sniper review for Dota 2.

The look

He still has that grandpa-on-the-porch-who-will-shoot-trespassing-kids feel to him

He?s still a midget in a cape. We actually loved him like that. TheBitBag thanks Valve for keeping the image. With just a few more tweaks like the goggles and the shoulder pads, his details give him a more complete image as compared to the blob of color that shoots things from the first Dota.

The Skills

A Scatter Shot a day keeps the angry farmer away

Scatter Shot

This one isn?t as flashy as other skills in the game which makes it an unpopular choice in most sniper skill builds. A lot of beginners become used to ignoring this skill until they?ve maxed out the other two. TheBitBag suggests a more considerate approach to this skill. Scatter Shot provides small DPS and movement speed decrease for enemies within the zone. It works great with melee opponents who have no blink or teleporting capabilities (yet). This makes farming and pushing easy in the early game stage. It also provides great back-up to allies that are being chased down.

A lot less morbid than a REAL headshot

Head Shot

We simply adore how this skill works in Dota 2. Don?t get us wrong. It still does the same thing as its Dota 1 counterpart, but now, along with a mini stun to the enemy, the players? screen also gets rattled a little every time Head Shot works. This effect makes the skill more dramatic through the opponents? perspective.?Our Sniper review is pretty satisfied with this change.

Check your foe’s facebook profile with Google’s Steampunk GoogleGlass!

Take Aim

Once a sniper farms enough for some good and useful items, this skill makes him a real threat. This boost in attack range puts the Sniper amongst the farthest attack ranges in the game. He?s the only hero who could shoot an enemy tower without fear of getting attacked by it. This skill also allows him to participate in clashes from behind trees and blind spots as well as higher ground. If his placement is correct, not only does he get out unscathed, but also richer

Mostly used after calculating kill-steal probabilities


This ultimate skill has a certain drawback to it. We do admit that it?s great during early game as it allows you to nab kills from a safe distance. The time you take to shoot the enemy down is what we?re afraid of. Sniper is left standing for a few moments before he releases the shot. This makes him such a tasty target for an arrow or a hook. Just make sure you use it with good company so that you have nothing to worry about.



In the early stages of the game, it may be best to go mid. You don?t do as much damage as other heroes. This means your ability to make moneyshots is not too good. For a mid-lane carry, he can really harass because of his range. This is why most players buy damage boosting slippers at the start to give him a little more teeth. For this Sniper review, a side-lane Sniper will have some trouble getting money shots. He will also be a prime target for ganks and ambushes. We don?t blame them. Only having 777 Health at level 11 is not something to be proud of.

His mid-game really depends on how you farmed earlier. Sniper is an item-dependent hero. This means he?s better off farming if he doesn?t have anything useful on him.

Maelstrom. Bullets and Lightning; so cool. Hope he doesn’t hook you!

Team mates will only expect one assassinate from him then they could care less if he goes chasing down stragglers or not. If he has the bling, he should place himself in areas where he can free-hit the living daylight out of his foes. If his attack speed is high enough, he can interrupt a TP scroll, an Epicenter and he can easily take out enemy support heroes.

His late-game largely consists of him taking down towers quite quickly to give the enemy more things to worry about. If they don?t take out the Sniper, the Sniper is going to take all of them out with free-hits.


Final Say

Overall, he?s a great hero for the newbie. His long rage keeps players in the safe zone while they dish out damage. If he?s dressed right, he becomes a very big problem for the enemy team. TheBitBag suggests going for a Sniper whenever you find yourself on a losing streak. An easier style of gameplay like his might be able to bring your A-Game back. We hope this Sniper intro for Dota 2 was helpful.



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