Free Facebook Messenger For Everyone Now Globally Available

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Free Facebook Messenger For Everyone Now Globally Available

Utilizing both Facebook and Messenger was a chore for some users. They didn?t want to install and sign-up on Facebook just to use Messenger. This issue has resulted to some users refraining from using the Messenger App completely and opted to use other apps instead. This movement has recently caused Facebook to allow Messenger and Facebook to be used seperately, however, it was only available in select countries particularly US, Canada, Venezuela and Peru. Now however, everyone can opt not to make a Facebook account and fully use the features of Messenger.

The free Facebook Messenger will now be available as a stand-alone product, negating the need to install or even sing-up for a Facebook account,?and it has been made available globally.

David Marcus Messenger team member posted on his FB Page ?Excited to announce that the ability for everyone to use Messenger, even without a Facebook account, is now available globally. Sign up with your phone number and try it out!?

Using the Facebook now only requires users to log-in their full name and phone number, then, they will be asked ?not on facebook??. Doing this will now enable you to wholly use Messenger and also utilize its features like photos, videos, group chats, video calling, and more.

Messenger is considered one of the most successful social media app with over a billion of downloads.

Signing up with the Facebook account is still suggested so you can continue conversation across various devices. If you don?t have a Facebook account, you will only be able to reach friends who are on your phone?s database. You will also need to manually add a photo in your Messenger App.

The free Facebook messenger?was made as a bid to reach more people as it entices Messenger users to link only phone numbers to the app, benefiting those who wish to use Messenger to transfer money straight from their bank accounts via Messenger, a feature which was provided to U.S. users this July. A similar feature to transfer cash by simply sending Tweets will be available?soon.

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