Free Comic Book Day 2017: Top 5 Comics You Need To Get On FCBD 2017

free comic book day 2017
The best comics of FCBD 2017. [Image from Comic Book Resources]

Free Comic Book Day 2017 is this Saturday and fans of the event could not be more excited for it. Publishers use this day to get fans excited for some of their newer titles or to hype up a movie. Now that all the titles are confirmed, there’s no better time to look at the ones that should excite fans.

Secret Empire FCBD

Marvel’s controversial event will have a special issue that puts fans in the center of the action. Captain America has revealed himself as an agent of Hydra and is in the most powerful position in the country. This is what Nick Spencer has been building up to since the start of his Captain America run and it should be a blast.

Steve Rogers as a Hydra agent has been a controversial topic since the end of Steve Rogers: Captain America #1. Many see the Hydra reveal as an insult to the character and his creators, both of whom were Jewish. Rogers should be restored to normal at the end of the event, which leads to the Marvel Legacy lineup.

Fans hoping for a lighter read during Free Comic Book Day 2017 have nothing to worry about though. The issue will also come with a light Spider-Man story from Jughead writer Chip Zdarsky, featuring a fight with Vulture. Aside from gearing fans up for Homecoming, this story also sets the tone for the Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man series in June.

Wonder Woman #1 FCBD

Wonder Woman finally makes her cinematic debut in June and to commemorate that, DC will reprint Wonder Woman #1. This is from the Rebirth lineup written by Greg Rucka and should get fans hyped for the upcoming movie. Interested fans might also pick up the first volume of the run, which is available now in paperback.

In this story, Diana finds out that someone has been tinkering with her history and sets to find who’s responsible. Fans of the comics might roll their eyes, since this is an often-repeated Wonder Woman story, but it’s done well. Now that Greg Rucka’s run is coming to an end, fans will be able to check out his first issue.

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy FCBD

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 comes out this week, but a special story with the crew will be available on Free Comic Book Day 2017. Setting the stage for the first issue, it could get fans to pay for the actual comic. Expect to see all the characters from the film, like Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora, Drax and Baby-Groot.

Netflix fans can also look forward to a short story that sets up June’s Defenders comic book series. Featuring Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, the comic should garner enough interest to pick up the June issue. With the Netflix series coming out soon, this should be a nice primer for it.

James Cameron’s Avatar/Briggs Land FCBD

While fans wait for a film sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar, this short comic could keep fans interested in it. This is the first time we see what happened to Jake Sully after the events of the first movie. It’s not clear how this will lead to the sequel, but it should be a good read for those that loved the original.

A short Briggs Land story will also be added, written by acclaimed comic book writer Brian Wood. With comics like DMZ in his resume’, this is a story everyone will want to read. AMC reportedly picked the series up for a TV show, so that should be interesting.

I Hate Image

What happens when the lead character of I Hate Fairyland meets the rest of the Image comic book characters? Destruction at a large scale and fairly entertaining reading for fans of the series or the imprint. This is worth buying for Skottie Young’s art alone, which is gory and cute at the same time.

Fans can look at the full list of comics here and see which title interests them the most. Free Comic Book Day 2017 happens this Saturday around the world.

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