Free App Beams Photos from iOS Device to Computer Wirelessly

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There is a free app that makes life easier by beaming photos to nearly any Mac or PC. If you need to copy photos from your iPad or iPhone to your computer, using a sync cable would usually do the trick. The process takes time, but this new app offers a faster and less ? stressful way of doing it without the help of any cable.

WiFi Photo Transfer


Email is another option in transferring files from one device to another. Google once offered a wireless file ? transfer option in the form of Bump. Unfortunately, the tech giant discontinued it. WiFi Photo is another wireless option, but the app has not been updated in ages and no longer works well. The WiFi Photo Transfer is your best bet when it comes to transferring files wirelessly and the process is very simple. Here?s how:

  • Download and install the app from the App Store
  • Turn on the app and allow it to access your files. This is a one ? time approval, so you don?t have to go through this process next time.
  • Make sure that the iDevice connects to the same WiFi network as your Mac or PC.
  • A Web address will be shown in the app. Note this down and launch it on your PC or Mac browser.
  • Click the Camera Roll on the browser or other libraries available on your iDevice.
  • Select the photo you wish to copy, and then choose among the download options on the next page: small, medium, large or full size.
  • If you wish to copy multiple files, click the Download in Zip button and specify the photos you want to copy.
  • Click on Download Selected Pictures once done. This will copy all selected zipped files to your default download folder.

Easy, isn?t it? It will take several steps at first since you are just starting. The process will be simpler when you do this next time. Basically, you run the app, open your browser and select the photos for transfer. WiFi Photo Transfer is easy, fast, wireless, and most of all, free.

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