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‘Fred Jackson’ NFL News: Running Back Signing With Seahawks? RG3 Also Being Traded? More ?NFL Draft 2015? Here!

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Following free agency, NFL running back Fred Jackson may be rumored to sign with the Seattle Seahawks. After being cut by the Buffalo Bills recently, Jackson might have plans to visit the Seattle Seahawks to talk about filling a role behind Marshawn Lynch, according to Inquisitr.

Fred Jackson Release

Incredibly, Fred Jackson was the longest-tenured player for the Buffalo Bills and the oldest running back in the NFL. Which is why it was an unexpected turnout that made Fred Jackson the “most surprising cut this preseason,” shared by Inquisitr.

“Today, we had to make the difficult decision to release Fred Jackson,” Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley stated on the team’s official website, according to Inquisitr. “He had an incredible career for this organization for the past 10 years. We thank Fred for his hard work, dedication, and leadership during his tenure with the Buffalo Bills.”

“Fred has inspired the city of Buffalo in a number of ways. Fred and his family have been dedicated to this community and we can’t thank them enough for their contributions through his career.”

According to Inquisitr, Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch already has a strong relationship to build on, playing together in Buffalo during the start of their NFL career which was apparently for three seasons.

With a player like Jackson, there’s no telling how good his performance will be if he ever signs with Bills. And as the organization’s training camp started this year, the 34-year-old running back had a bold prediction for how long his time in the league will be, shared by Inquisitr.

“One of my goals, and it’s not far out of reach is to be the oldest running back to take a carry in the league,” Fred Jackson shared with Buffalo News. He really might be on his way to beat the record. “I think it was Marcus Allen at 37.”

RG3 Trade

In other news, Robert Griffin III, more known as RG3, was also cut from the Washington Redskins. Joining a new team is still on the works?as “trading?has been dismissed as a viable option because no team will likely want to assume responsibility for his $16.155 million 2016 option year, which was guaranteed for injury when the Redskins picked it up, or his fully guaranteed 2015 salary,” according to CBS Sports.

Here are some of the reactions of Fred Jackson joining Buffalo Bills from NFL fans on social media.

If rumors are really true about Fred Jackson joining the Seahawks, celebrations might be already in order.

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