Frank Ocean New Album Details: Final Details And Release Date Accidentally Revealed By Producer? What We Know So Far

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Here?s some good news for Frank Ocean?s fans. The singer will soon be surprising his fans with his new album which will leave everyone spellbound.

According to Franchise Herald, Ed Banger Records owner, Pedro Winter, may not be totally involved in the development of Frank Ocean’s new album, but in his interview with Les inRocks, he may have accidentally revealed that Sebastian is collaborating with Ocean.

“Sebastian has just finished producing a few tracks for Frank Ocean – a truly exciting partnership – and he will finally be able to rest on his second album.?

Frank Ocean’s new album entitled “Boys Don’t Cry” is said to be released at some point in July. Fans around the globe are patiently waiting for the said album to be out, however, numerous months have passed yet there were no reports on the actual progress of the new album, reports I School Guide.

However, in a statement issued, Winter played down his comments: ?Sebastian met Frank Ocean few times, that’s all we know. For further infos please contact Frank’s management.?

Channel Orange singer, has been away from the public eye since his last anticipated date of release of his album passed in September.

According to fellow rapper, Kanye West, the announcement about the album, “Boys Dont Cry” could be a publicity tactic for gaining attention of Ocean’s die – hard fans. The 28 years old rapper has been chiding away from a formal announcement of “Boys Don’t Cry.”

Ocean’s management team is mute about any insinuations of a formal date for the album, stated Kd Ramastars.

Well, all we can say is that fans around the world are eager for this album to be released. So the sooner the better.


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