Frank Ocean Blonde Spotify, Tidal Release Date May Be This Week

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Frank Ocean Blonde Spotify, Tidal Release Date
Frank Ocean Blonde Spotify, Tidal Release Date

Frank Ocean Blonde Spotify, Tidal Release Date may be this week, but not yet definite. This amidst rumors that Spotify is punishing artists who want exclusive deals with Tidal and Apple.

This rumors sparked after reports from New York Times said Spotify will not be eager to promote releases from artists who will go to their rivals first. This can be possible if it’s their way of letting artists know that engaging in exclusives is a big no-no. So far, Tidal and Apple have succeeded in doing that by giving top artists not only cash, but marketing support and equity as well.

For example, the Blonde album of Ocean was released exclusively this weekend on Apple Music. It will stay there for another two weeks, according to industry sources. When the exclusive comes to an end, Spotify will then have to make it available to the 100 million subscribers that they have. Making it unavailable to their consumers is a very bad idea. If they do, then they can expect their consumers to move to Apple who also has 15 million subscribers.

This weekend’s incident generated an internal announcement from Lucian Grainge, CEO of the Universal Music Group. The head of the world’s largest music label wanted to stop exclusives. This, however, is virtually impossible. Why? Because Tidal and Apple will keep on paying artists big to make sure this continues!

Casepoint: Streaming dominates. And currently, only a handful of platforms dominate streaming. Therefore, it’s definitely conducive for artists to just record their stuff and let Apple, Spotify and Tidal do the hard work for them. Big labels have to think out of the box to win artists back and make them stay.

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