Frank Ocean Album Release Rumors; Dream Collabs That Could Be Featured In ?Boys Don’t Cry?

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There have been rumors that Frank Ocean will be releasing his new album, Boys Don?t Cry, on August 5 but the rumored date has now come and gone and there is no new album in sight. The musician remains mum about the details of his upcoming album and only gives vague hints and mysterious teasers on his website. There are even new rumors that the new release date is this November 13.

The new rumored release date is included in a library card posted on the artist?s official website with different dates stamped on it. All the other dates have passed and the most possible release date is the 13th of November this year.

Fans are highly anticipating Ocean?s third album after 2012?s Channel Orange and there is much disappointment following another delay. But fans remain loyal and hopeful that even though no one knows for sure when Boys Don?t Cry will be released, the wait is still definitely worth it.


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There are numerous collaboration rumors that have been going around for years about big artists that could potentially be featured on Ocean?s upcoming album. According to TIME, here are the dream collabs which are actually some of the best bets to be featured on the upcoming album.

James Blake

Blake previously revealed that Ocean is his main influence for his new album and that it samples an unreleased song from the musician.


Ocean mentioned in 2013 that he had some studio time with Pharrell who also helped in writing and producing Channel Orange.

John Mayer

Mayer played guitar for Ocean?s ?Pyramids? and ?White? which are included in Channel Orange while Ocean appeared in Mayer?s ?Wildfire? track in 2013.


The Queen Bey featured Ocean in one of her songs and also included him in the ?Superpower? music video in 2013.

Jay Z

The reclusive musician also appeared on Jay Z?s ?Oceans? music video which gives us hope that the rapper can possibly be a part of the new album.

Kanye West

Ocean played a big role in West and Jay Z?s song ?No Church In The Wild? from the Watch the Throne album in 2011. West also featured him in his 2016 track, ?Wolves,? which means there?s a huge chance that West can be included in the album.

What are the other dream collabs that you want to hear from Boys Don?t Cry?

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