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The Frank Ocean Album new release date is expected to be sometime in November 2016. Frank Ocean?s Boy?s Don?t Cry has been ?delayed? for quite some time now. Fans have speculated that this delay is not really an accident but a deliberate way of getting them riled up for the release. Drake?s Views have gotten quite a following because of the long build up and Ocean may have taken some tricks off of Drake?s playbook.

Frank Ocean?s latest album release was way back in July 10, 2012. It was also his debut studio album, Channel Orange. Why did it take so long for him to follow up on this hit? Well, in an interview with The Guardian, he spoke about how storytelling is the more interesting part about writing music for him. He added that he might not make another album but write a novel next.

Mr. Ocean, in an interview with NME on February 20, 2013, had revealed that he?s ?10,11 songs? into his Channel Orange follow up. This was met by enthusiasm by most fans. Many even expected the album to be released that year. Many were also disappointed. This disappointment lasted through last month for some.

On July 2 this year, the Frank Ocean album new release date was pegged to be on July 2016. Ocean had updated his site to include a ?due date? card with different dates and it included July 2016 and November 13, 2016 among other dates. These were the only possible dates as well, all other dates had already passed. When July was over this year, fans were disappointed once more.

But hope had shown itself when New York Times announced that Boy?s Don?t Cry, Ocean?s follow-up album, will come out on a Friday, August 5. There was also an art film that came out on his website on August 1 and this led people to think that August 5 is really the date.


But When August 5 came and no Frank Ocean album dropped, fans were very disappointed yet again. The only date left on the ?due date? card is November 13, 2016. Would this be the date of revelation? Fans surely hope so.

Ocean?s new album is expected to be released exclusively on Apple Music. It will likely be available on other platforms after the exclusivity period has elapsed. Check back here for updates about the Frank Ocean album new release date and download options.

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