Frank Ocean Album New Release Date In 3 Months?

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After being disappointed a week ago, it seems like the fans are back on the drawing board, once again speculating on when Frank Ocean?s album, Boys Don?t Cry, will be released. There are several reports claiming that it is going to happen three months from now.

It can be recalled that Ocean?s project was reported to be released supposedly Friday last week. Obviously, it did not materialize. A lot of disappointed and angry supporters once again started predicting when the album would really hit the market. Through some educated guess, they came up with a November launch.

Back in July 1, Ocean tweeted a photo with several dates on it. The picture featured the previously teased released dates such as May 2016 and July 2016. Now that these days have already come and gone, the next 2016 date that is listed there is November 13. With the August 5 launch turning out to be a hoax, fans are now clinging to the predicted launch three months from now.

Speaking of the album Boys Don?t Cry, it has been reported by the New York Times that it would be exclusive on Apple Music for about two weeks before becoming available on Spotify and Tidal. If that would be the case, Ocean?s project is the next high-profile album to be released exclusively on the streaming service.

Also, the album is expected to come with a major video on it alongside a printed publication that has a title similar to the album itself and will be distributed as well on Apple Stores. Some collaborators expected in the project are Rodney ?Darkchild? Jerkins, Happy Perez, Charlie Gambetta and Kevin Ristro. Lastly, once the album?s release date is already confirmed, it is said to be launched live on the singer?s official website Boysdontcry.co as well as on Apple Music.

Do you think Boys Don?t Cry will be finally released in November? Or, will it be another hoax just like the previous ones? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more updates in the upcoming Frank Ocean album, stay tuned here on The Bitbag.

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