Frank Ocean Album Live Stream: Top 5 Reasons Why Everybody is Watching

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Frank Ocean, the creator of the masterpiece Channel Orange, will reportedly be releasing a new record titled Boys Don?t Cry, very soon. Sure, we do not know the exact?release date, but we know for sure that many fans are waiting for the singer to make it official.

With the hope that we don?t have to wait much longer, we have jotted down top reasons why this album is worth the wait.

Frank Ocean Album Live Stream

On August 1, a mysterious live stream page cropped up in the official website?Boys Don?t Cry. Needless to say, die-hard fans, from across the globe, went crazy and expected an immediate launch. Alas, that didn?t work out. Later, rumors suggested that the record will be announced on August 5, but it didn?t materialize either.

Many believe that the official website?s live stream page added by Frank Ocean is a preview to what?s in store. According to?Time, that live stream is a looping video of Ocean creating random instrumental sounds, and the unmissable part was a Tom Sachs art installation at the background.

Meanwhile, a fan of Ocean?s painstakingly collected the bits and pieces of the sound bites and made a single track, stating that the video was in fact a veiled preview. In fact, the track would definitely complement Ocean?s vocals.

Tom Sachs & Frank Ocean Art Inputs

Artist Tom Sachs reportedly confirmed that the art installation belongs to him and that he lent it to Ocean. Sachs also confessed that he gave some inputs on ?carpentry issues? for the video.

He further added that they are working on other projects as well. Nevertheless, Sachs did not give out any information specific to the upcoming video.


Possibility Of Supplementary Items

We are also hearing wild rumors about supplementary items getting released alongside Frank Ocean?s?album Boys Don?t Cry. Rumors say either a zine or a novel written by Ocean will be part of the upcoming release. Out of the two, zine looks like totally plausible. Perhaps, it will be given away to fans at the Apple stores when the album releases.

Inevitable Collaborations

We live in a time of collaborations, duets and crossovers. Hence, it?s only obvious that speculations surrounding the collaborators and artists will be rife.

For instance, Time believes one or more artists listed below could potentially collaborate with Frank Ocean: Pharrell, James Blake, Chance the Rapper, Lil B, Rick Rubin, Danger Mouse, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, John Mayer, Jay Z and last but not the least, the queen bee Beyonc? herself.

Automated Alert

Are you one of those Ocean?s fans that got tired of constantly trying to find out if he added the new album or any preview in any of the mediums? If so, Shahzeb Khan has a perfect solution.

Khan, a 20 year-old computer science and engineering student at UC Davis, has created?Shahzeb. This site reportedly has the ability to automatically check out Spotify, iTunes and Twitter for news updates about Frank Ocean. To top it off, it will send out a text to alert the service users when Ocean?s new album goes live,?Billboard noted.


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