Frank Ocean Album Launch Delayed; ?Boys Don?t Cry? To Launch November?

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The new Frank Ocean album launch has been delayed again. The release of Boys Don?t Cry has been delayed for quite a few times already. Now, it is believed that it will be launched in November later this year. However, many fans would not take this at face value given that previous album launch dates did not push through.

July 2016 was the first target or rumored album launch as recounted by Hilary Hughes of MTV. This was changed to August 5; even the New York Times believed it and reported it. We did too. It seemed that it was inevitable as a mysterious video was released on Frank Ocean?s website. It was an art project that had an Apple Music watermark. But as August 5 passed, the album still has to see the light of day.

Frank Ocean has not released an album since his 2012 album, Channel Orange. Fans have been expecting a follow up since the album was critically acclaimed and had been nominated for six Grammy awards and winning one–best urban contemporary album. Now, it seems fans will be waiting a little longer.

Some are not that happy. They took to social media to make their frustrations known.

Here is a (somewhat) funny one. Someone made Frank Ocean?s track list for him.

Frank Oceans new album track list.

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Fans now think that the Frank Ocean Boys Don?t Cry album will be launched on November 13, 2016 courtesy of this photo from his site.


Is this true? Will we get to hear Boys Don?t Cry in November? Will it still be an Apple Music exclusive? What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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