Frank Ocean Album, Blonde: When Is It Releasing on Apple, Tidal & Spotify?

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Frank Ocean?s highly anticipated album, Blonde, has finally been released exclusively on iTunes.

Frank Ocean had released a visual album last week. ?A live stream was also released. The live stream was named Endless and is different from the studio album. However the live stream is also an Apple exclusive released just as the studio album.

In the album, Frank Ocean builds a spiral staircase for over 45 minutes. The released album was also originally thought to be named Boys Don?t Cry.

Not surprisingly, the visual album and live stream has sent fans into a frenzy as they awaited for the full albums released.

The album release can be wrapped up as a success for the Apple team. Apple is said to have a 2 week exclusive right to sell the album. The right of initial exclusivity for the album was a result of a recent bidding war. Apple was able to win the initial right after outbidding Tidal, Spotify and many other music providers who had their eyes on the album too.

It is important to note that the exclusivity is only up for 2 weeks. Although there?s no confirmation out, we?re all expecting Frank Ocean?s Blonde album to be out on Spotify and Tidal as well after just 2 weeks.




Frank Ocean?s Album Blonde has 17 tracks and with songs that feature Andr? 3000 and Beyonc?.

  1. “Nikes”
  2. “Ivy”
  3. “Pink + White”
  4. “Be Yourself”
  5. “Solo”
  6. “Skyline To”
  7. “Self Control”
  8. “Good Guy”
  9. “Nights”
  10. “Solo (Reprise)”
  11. “Pretty Sweet”
  12. “Facebook Story”
  13. “Close To You”
  14. “White Ferrari”
  15. “Seigfried”
  16. “Godspeed”
  17. “Future Free”


Apple and fans going wild for the new album isn?t much of a surprise. Frank Ocean?s 2012 Channel Orange album was named best of album of the year by several noteworthy publications. But only the sales will soon tell if the hype for this much anticipated album is real or not.

The album can be accessed right now on Apple Music and can also be downloaded from iTunes with a price tag of $9.99.

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