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Frank Ocean 2016 Album Release

The Frank Ocean 2016 album release is something that many music fans have been waiting for. The latest album from the 28-year-old rapper has been in the works for a long time now, but an actual release date has yet to be announced. That could change very soon though as Apple Music representatives have revealed that the Frank Ocean Album ?Boys Don?t Cry? could become available in 72 hours.

Frank Ocean has become such a huge star in the music industry ever since ?Novacane?, his first chart topper from his breakout mixtape entitled ?Nostalgia, Ultra?. In 2012, Ocean released his first studio album, which was entitled ?Channel Orange.? It produced several hits as well. Now, hip hop fans have been waiting for 2016 Frank Ocean album ?Boys Don?t Cry?. With the latest news it appears that the wait will not be too long now.

According to The Telegraph, a representative from Apple Music has revealed that the 2016 Frank Ocean album release may happen in 72 hours. This was straight from Apple?s Live Chat Support employees who have revealed that ?Boys Don?t Cry? could release in 24 to 72 hours.

Initially, it was disclosed that the new album by Frank Ocean would be released exclusively on the Apple Music streaming service on Aug. 5, but the day came and went without the album launching. This left countless fans extremely frustrated, especially since no new release date was given for the album.

Frank Ocean Album Release

The latest report does mention that the new timeline for the album release was given by Frank Ocean or by Def Jam, Ocean?s record label so it could be the most realistic launch date so far. Fans of the rapper can do nothing but hold their breath and hope that the timeline is indeed true so that the new album will already become available in only a few days.

There have not been any confirmation from Frank Ocean or Def Jam as of yet so fans should continue to just wait anxiously until we hear otherwise. Still, there is no harm in checking out Apple Music every now and then to see if ?Boys Don?t Cry? has already become available.

Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news about the Frank Ocean 2016 album release as well as other trending news in the world of music.

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