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FRAMED : Digital Comics Goes Interactive & Reader Controlled

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Framed-2FRAMED : Digital Comics Goes Interactive & Reader Controlled

Digital Comics has been with us for quite a while, especially since it became available for downloads in tablets. Both DC and Marvel, as well as other comic book publishing companies, have outstanding apps that are able to market and distribute their ?titles? with economy and convenience.

Digital comics also enables the reader to not only store the hundreds of comic books purchased easily, it can also be accessed in multiple gadgets.

In the recent years, comic book publishers have managed to introduce some sort of interactivity by allowing readers to ?pinch? and ?swipe? the panels in order to zoom in or enlarge text or images in the strips.

A new digital comic strip however has pushed the bar one step higher by making the comic strips more interactive and reader Framed-3controlled.

FRAMED, a new digital comic, lets readers move the strip’s panels around the page and in doing so change the flow and resulting outcome of the story.

This type of interactive platform is ushering a new kind of way that art is being consumed and appreciated. IDNA of Switzerland had first come up with a project called ?Spatial Storytelling? that lets viewers manipulate the focus of the ?camera? in order to dictate the plot line of the story.

Framed-1FRAMED is following in IDNA’s footsteps by adapting the platform in its comic book strips.

The strip is a product of Loveshack Entertainment of Australia and features crime and mystery tales with no written dialogue. The characters are shown in silhouettes and without faces and is initially presented as a frozen static strip. The fun starts however when the reader re-positions the panels of the strip and the comic book becomes alive and animated. The position of the panels will give the reader the resulting outcome of their manipulation.

Puzzled how FRAMED works?

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Video: FRAMED Game Concept ( Loveshack Entertainment / YouTube)


Imagine a panel showing a ladder that can either help the hero get to a safe place or enable the villain to escape depending on which position the panel is placed in the strip. The comic strip is created in such a way that the ?frames? can be positioned next to each other in a series or sequence. This style or platform enables the reader with countless ways to decide on which way the story will turn. (This suddenly reminded me of a kind of printed book – ?Choose Your Own Adventure Books? – I had when I was young, -many, many years ago ? where at the end of a page, you can decide how a story goes by going to different pages within the book that will continue the storyline in different ways, depending on which page you decide to go to).

The FRAMED concept is said to be blurring the distinction of comics and video games. In fact, in its own promotional videos, Loveshack Entertainment describes the strips as the FRAMED Game.

Comic book or game, it definitely brings a new dimension to our comic book reading activities. Take a look above and below at the videos demonstrating how the FRAMED platform and concept is used.

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Video: FRAMED Game Official Trailer ( Loveshack Entertainment / YouTube)

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