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FPS Killing Floor Summer Update: New Goodies Unveiled

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Tripwire Interactive will release some major updates for the First Person Shooter game (FPS), Killing Floor.

The summer update known as ?End of the Line?, will offer players both free, as well as paid downloadable contents or DLC. Included in the free content, is?a new downloadable map pack.

The developer?s pack now includes three more free maps.

In the ?Stronghold? map, players will fight their way through the monster infested halls of a medieval castle.

Siren?s Belch” is set in an abandoned and snow covered town.

Players will have to face a horde of horrible monsters in ?Transit?, an objective map set in an underground subway.

Paid contents will contain two new neon skins, ?magma red? Mr. Foster and a ?voltage blue? DJ Skully. Four new types of guns are also available for purchase.

In this Killing Floor summer update, you can still use the same characters from the original game to battle the mutants. This time though, you have a new ally. Rachel Clamely is the latest character to be introduced in Killing Floor.

Ironically, she is the daughter of the creator of ?the mutants plaguing the city of London. She is on your side though and you will need her help as you battle for victory and survival through an almost endless stream of monsters.

By default, the Rachel character is not playable. This latest update as well as the original version of Killing Floor is available on Steam, an online game vendor.

Killing Floor was first introduced by Tripwire Interactive in 2005 as a mod in the Unreal tournament.

In 2009, it was released as a fully playable version. Killing Floor has a science fiction horror theme. The game?s location is in London and your character will need to eliminate hordes of mutant monsters in order to save the city.

To help you prevail against these creatures, a number of armor, weapons and bonuses will be made available to you during the game. Some of the items can be obtained either for free, or after completing a specific task assigned by the game while other armor and weapons can only be obtained through a cash purchase.

Image Source: Tripwire Interactive

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