Fotonica, A Minimalist, First-Person Endless Runner Game From Santa Ragione Will Debut On iOS This Summer

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Fotonica landing on all iOS devices this summer

First-person, minimalist, endless runner game Fotonica is announced to come to all iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices this summer. This upcoming title is developed by Santa Ragione, an Italian indie game development studio initiated by tech duo Pietro Righi Riva and Nicol? Tedeschi.

Fotonica is currently available to desktop computers. According to the game devs, the upcoming iOS version will indeed be a runner game but it will be different as it will focus more on ?learning and completing levels in a more old-school, arcade fashion.? In April, Santa Ragione teased fans by releasing a little GIF image showing the game. It can be noted that in the same post, an Android version is also planned but no news about that version is given out yet.

The dev team revealed that the upcoming Fotonica game won?t just be a port of the PC version; it will be an entire revamped game complete with an endless running mode, split-screen options, level challenges, and much more. ?In comparison, Temple Run 2 focuses on turning right, left, and jumping but Fotonica will involve all of those in addition to precise timing and efficiency. The iOS game will also sport a combination of sparse vector art and sharp, duo-toned interface to give you a speed-boosted adrenaline rush.

Here is the recap of some Fotonica features as they appear in a recent Santa Ragione’s post on a Toucharcade.com forum:

  • Universal app!
  • 20 Achievements 😛
  • Local split-screen multiplayer across all levels.
  • Portrait/landscape gameplay
  • 7 levels + 3 endless levels

The game was initially launched on Windows PC in 2011 and at the time, it stands out due to its blistering pace and distinct geometric abstracts. At present, Mac and DRM-free Windows PC versions of Fotonica are available for $ 4.99 from the game?s official website. Fotonica has yet to receive an exact release date; with only a ?summer release? divulged, Santa Regione cited that it is still making final touches before having Fotonica available to anticipating iOS gamers.

Watch this Fotonica trailer released by Santa Ragione back in 2011:


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