The Fosters Season 4 Premiere Recap: Show Opens With Timely Theme On Gun Violence

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It is not an ordinary premiere for The Fosters Season 4 as it uncovered a theme that is very timely and relevant across the world. The season opener of the hit TV series tackled the recent pressing issue that United States is facing – gun violence.

The fourth installment focused on the fear that schools are vulnerable to such horrifying events. It also revealed the reality that it is easy for a person, even a mentally-challenged individual to purchase or have a gun.
So how did the TV series portray a shooting rampage in a school?

Pained on what he had seen during the finale of the previous season, Nick, who is played by Louis Hunter, lost his usual self and burned down the warehouse of his father in the first episode of season 4. And that?s not all, he then went to school while holding a gun. However, it was not shown yet whether he used the gun against Mat, Mariana or anyone else.

It should be remembered that the third installment capped with Mariana, portrayed by Cierra Ramirez, and Mat, played by Jordan Rodrigues, kissing each other, which was caught by Nick and triggered his extreme outrage. The warehouse was also the place where they performed the musical.

It should also be noted that Nick?s father is known to be a responsible gun owner. He is always seen as a responsible owner of a weapon which has a carry permit. He also makes sure to keep his gun far from anyone?s reach and locked away safely.

Despite Nick?s father being responsible, it does take away the fact that Nick was able to access it easily. This is one of the lessons The Fosters is able to stress among the audience of the show. Guns are not safe if a child is able to find and use it. Nick stole the said weapon from his father?s trunk and put students at Anchor Beach on the verge of being hit.

Aside from that, The Fosters Season 4 premiere episode also raises the debate on the proposed solution of the public, especially gun advocates, against shooting incidents in schools. Many advocates believe that the best protection from those horrifying events is to have a gun for yourself.

However, the series aired the possible downside should the proposed solution of the gun advocates push through. In the show, it was seen that a substitute teacher panicked during the incident and pointed his own gun at the SWAT team who was there to save them. The teacher?s sudden reaction just put the lives of the children in more danger.

The new theme of The Fosters Season 4 is just right in time as the world continues to seek justice for the shooting rampage that happened in Orlando. Bradley?Bredeweg even stressed that the episode is applicable not just for the people in Orlando but also to the entire world as it can occur anywhere at any time.

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