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?The Fosters? Season 4 Finale Breaks Twitter For Intense Ending; Jesus Likely Dead, Nick To Be Arrested, Callie With A Murderer, Etc.

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Nothing in the world can break Twitter harder than the final episode of The Fosters Season 4. An intense ending was seen last night on Freeform and since it was aired, social media sites can?t seem to handle all the opinions from avid viewers of the hit series. Reactions with a hashtag, #theFosters keep on coming since it has been known that Jesus is most likely dead and Nick is arrested. Callie was seen dealing with a murderer and a lot more.

Twitter user @alexlove322 says the ending is shocking. Another Twitter user, ?@yatzabelll, reacted when the murder took Calie. She also mentioned about Nick?s return and the possibility of Jesus dying.

Then there?s @BradleyBredeweg, who urged his followers to anticipate the arrival of the The Fosters Season 5 in 2017. The Twitter user commented that the final episode of Season 4 was so much of a heartbreak, love and joy all at the same time.

The Fosters Season 4 Finale?s Death-Defying Turn

The intense ending took a death-defying turn when Mariana opted to mix Jesus? ADHD medicine with alcohol. Nick remains to be under house arrest. Nick and Jesus got into a fight after the latter mistakenly assumed the worst. Given the fact that Jesus is at risk for seizures, his future didn?t look so good. Meanwhile, Callie was in a car with a possible murderer.

According to Twitter user, @katieisbell, Nick actually appeared insane. She also noticed that he punched Jesus where the nail was and so he passed out. Several viewers claim that they are not okay to see Jesus getting hurt.?

Three of the Foster kids found their lives hanging in the balance during Monday?s season finale. Apparently, the event gave viewers some serious goosebumps which inspired them to actively participate on live tweets with hashtag, #theFosters.

For those who have failed to watch The Fosters? most controversial episodes, fans could catch up here. And don?t forget to tweet by using #theFosters afterwards.

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