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Forza Horizon 3 Update: Mid-November Patch Prepares New DLC?

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Forza Horizon 3 update

A new Forza Horizon 3 update is available for download on the Xbox One. The developer has released an update which is around 110MB in size. The developer has not shared any patch notes to inform players how their game will be affected after this download. However, it might actually be a patch that paves the way for interesting upcoming content.?

The latest update released by the developer is very small, which is leading fans to believe that?the Forza Horizon 3 update only brings?general fixes.? A player noted on the game’s official forums that ?there’s no new HE Cars, unless the 4 being left behind are the 15′ C7, 65′ Mini, Countach and the Viper ACR.? The speculation on the arrival of a new car pack is also high.

Aside from new DLC possibly being prepared, the update probably solves the wall breach glitch at Horizon hubs. It’s yet to be known if there’s more performance fixes in this latest patch.

Bugs And Issues

After downloading the patch, a few have started reporting performance issues with the game. On top of that, some players are not even able to download the update on the Xbox One.

It?s been almost two months since Playground Games and Turn 10 launched Forza Horizon 3. The developers have already released multiple patches for PC and Xbox One. With almost every single Forza Horizon 3 update?on the PC version, the?gameplay got worse for some. This might be the case now for some players now on the Xbox One.

Now that the developer has not even released any statement on the patch, fans are disappointed because they don?t even know what?s happening to the game and what the developers are doing to fix the issues that have been causing the trouble. Some players have got the download issues resolved by just resetting the system, while PC players are waiting for the patch.

As the latest update is still limited to the Xbox One, there are chances that the developer may have resolved the problems with invisible cars on the console. No report on the arrival of any new cars is available at the moment.

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