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Forza Horizon 3: Top 5 Tips To Get Ahead!

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Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 is getting a lot of hype for all the right reasons. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is incredibly fun.

But you know what else is better than just having fun in the game? Having fun and being good at it! We have five top tips that may be the difference between you crashing everywhere and becoming a racing legend in Forza Horizon 3!

1. Unlock all skill boosting perks before anything else

It?s important to be prepared before you go on your journey. One way to get you ready for all the challenges Forza Horizon 3 has in store for you, is by unlocking all your perks first.


You can actually go out and unlock all your perks before anything else by simply doing all the many different stunts laid out in the game. The more stunts you do, the more skill points you earn. More skill points, more perks can be had.

There is a bit of grinding into this but the results are worth it. Having those perks will get you far in the game.

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2. Ruin All the Crops

Farmer crops are golden for skill chains. Destroying crops apparently gives out insanely high skill point chains.

It?s so ridiculous that it may even be a bug. So go out there and start wrecking those crops before a patch fixes it.

3. Farm 3 Stars Later

Multiple PR Stunts can be found all over the map. As counterproductive as it sounds, you?re better off sucking at them first so you can reap more later. Apparently, getting 3-star rewards will give players a bigger fan boost when they are more advanced in their career.

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4. Rewind is Your Best friend

If you want to see every move and jump perfected, then we have a treat for you. The rewind function is phenomenal. You?ll be able to use rewind to help you perfect the most challenging stunts.

5 Turning Game

Turning is a dynamic of every racing game that will be present from the easiest to the hardest of tracks and stunts. Here?s some general turning tip so you can manage move like a pro at every turn.

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For sharp turns at races, use your opponents as a shield against the rail. You?ll be able protect yourself from the rail and knock your opponents around. Not to mention, you?ll get ahead of them when you do this.

Next is to leverage on the environment. When you?re in a turn that can potentially crash you against the wall, attempt to just graze the wall.

When you graze the wall, you?ll slow down a bit, but it?s better than crashing. Plus, you?ll be able to recover faster with this technique compared to crashing of spinning around.

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