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Forza Horizon 3 Release: Get Free Cars And In-Game Money

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Forza Horizon 3

As Microsoft is all set to release Forza Horizon 3 this September, the company is bringing rewards for players. The rewards system introduced by the company lets players earn more points to increase their tier. The higher your tier is, the better rewards you can earn. The company is also working on bringing new rewards to the game.

Franchise fans will be in luck as all of their progress?for all Forza Horizon games as well as?Forza Motorsport 2 onwards?will be rewarded accordingly. Whatever the players have achieved in the previous game will be tracked, and players will be able to level up with the rewards they will get.


There are a lot of in-game bonuses players can get from Forza rewards.?Free content includes cars, credits, and a lot more.?Those who are new to the franchise should wait for the release, and as soon as they join the game, they can simply check the Reward page on the game?s official website.

The official website of the game suggests fans to check the page frequently as the company might bring some surprises. Players can check their progress to redeem the rewards. Players will also be able to compare their rewards, earnings and points with others.

According to fans, players can simply come back to the web page to ensure they can avail the automatic reward benefits from the company. To upgrade to the next tier, players will need to earn a certain number of points. Those who are joining the game for the first time have to aim for 100 points to level up to the tier 2.

Forza Horizon 3?will be launched on September 27 on Xbox One and PC. Microsoft has also released an official launch trailer which you can watch here.

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