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Forza 7 Release Date: When Will Turn 10 Launch Their Next Forza Game?

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Forza 7

Recently, Fanatic CEO Thomas Jackermeier indirectly confirmed Forza Motorsport 7 after mentioning it in a forum. Potentially, the game could be released this late 2017 if it follows the game?s release patterns. When will Turn 10 Studios release Forza 7?

Forza 7 confirmed

According to Jackermeier?s post on the Fanatec forum, Forza 7 was confirmed when he mentioned it in his post. Jackermeier informed the fans that they can suggest the features they want for Forza 7 as they develop it. He explains that not every suggestion will not make it to the game but he encourages fans to suggest anyway. However, he didn?t mention anything about Forza 7?s release date.

Forza Motorsport Release Patterns

Since 2005, the Forza Motorsport games have been released every two years since then. Forza 7 could be released this coming 2017 if it follows the schedule. Since Jackermeier asked for fan suggestions last December 3, Turn 10 Studios may not implement those suggestions if they release the game early next year. Potentially, they may release the game around late 2017, particularly September or November. Alternatively, they can release the game early and just implement the suggestions in future patches or Forza 7 DLCs.

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Forza Motorsport Series So Far

Currently, the Forza series is the Microsoft platform?s car racing staple game. Branded cars ranging from household names to pink slips often become a playable car in this series. Other games like Sony?s Gran Turismo and EA?s Need For Speed show these kind of driving experiences. Potentially, fans may receive more recent car releases or concepts to be played in the upcoming Forza 7.

At best, fans can only wait for the Forza Motorsport 7 announcements to officially confirm its release date. Stay updated with more Forza 7 news here on TheBitBag.

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