Fornite Guide: Tutorials, Skills Trees And All Things Beginners Should Know

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Epic Games’ Fortnite recently launched and it’s a fun time waiting to happen for fans of the zombie and base building genre. As basic as the game sounds, there’s a lot to dig into before playing the game and those unprepared will probably have a hard time adjusting. Here are a few tips for Fortnite.

Try Out The Tutorial

The tutorial for the game is long and it could even get boring at times. Still, the developers placed it in the game for obvious reasons. Since there are a lot of mechanics in Fortnite, it’s best to know each one through the tutorial. Finishing the tutorial will make the game a whole lot easier for the players and their team.

Look Out For Chests

Treasure chests aren’t shared between party members in the game. Once a player opens a treasure chest, all that’s in it is his alone and the chest will be left empty. Although players fight as a team, getting the treasure chest will surely make things easier for one player. The best way to find the location of a chest is by listening for any angelic sounds that indicate when a chest in nearby.

Don’t Upgrade Weapons Too Quickly

As with any other game, weapon upgrading in Fortnite becomes harder as the weapon gets stronger. It’s not advised to upgrade weapons too quickly as the items for the next upgrade could be acquired only later on in the game. Players could get stuck with a weapon because they upgrade to hastily. It’s better to save up on resources or to upgrade several weapons at once.

Watch Out For Skill Points

Once players allot a point to a skill in the Talents Tree, it’s permanent. There’s no way of getting it back. Before upgrading, be sure to check out what skills are worth getting first.

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