Ford Commercial Features Sailor Moon, Solid Snake and Son Gohan To Help Sell Cars?

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Ford Commercial
Ford Commercial

Depending on your viewing preferences, this Ford commercial will either leave you with a smile on your face or scratching your head in utter disbelief. Ford tried to be more innovative in their advertising campaign and it looks like it’s working. After all, Sailor Moon fans back then are by now grown as adults who could very well afford a brand new car.

The Sailor Moon franchise is the latest one to be added in Ford’s collection of clips known as Ford Overdubs. These shows and video games will take you back in time while wooing you with their sales pitches.

The video starts with Usagi and her bff/sidekick kitty Luna staring at the constellations one beautiful evening. Moon Princess gushes, “There’s Sagittarius, Libra, and the constellation of the new Ford Fusion! Oh, I just love it so much. The sculpted exterior, the newly redesigned grill and wheels. It’s the most stylish car I’ve ever seen.”

With this, Luna reminds our Moon Princess what goes beyond good looks. She starts yappin’ about its amazing features. She says, “It has amazing driver assist features like pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go. They all make driving less stressful.” And Usagi adds thoughtfully, “A lightning blue one would match my uniform perfectly.”

Don?t Waste Your Precious Wishes

Last year it was Dragon Ball Z’s turn to try and make a go for the sale. In here, Krillin and Gohan summon the dragon Shenron using their Dragon Balls to make their wishes come true. They turn out to be three separate cars with different features. The creature tries to explain that they don’t need three cars because one Ford Fusion can give them all they need. But the guys keep butting in and won’t let the dragon finish. Their wish was granted in the end. Moral of the story? Conserve your wishes.


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