Force Friday Midnight Sale Guide: Where To Buy, What To Buy In Disney’s Special Star Wars Toys Sale

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The Star Wars is still up in the air as Disney revealed the upcoming toys for the new Star Wars trilogy on Force Friday.

Force Friday Midnight Sale Guide

So what are the toys that were revealed? A ton of action figures, toy guns, miniature die cast vehicles and playsets were all revealed at the special event just a few hours ago, and the best part, they are now available at your favorite toy and hobby stores. Micro Machines, Hasbro, Nerf and Lego are back with some of their new lineups for the new Star Wars movies.


Force Friday is a special promotion by Disney in promoting their new merchandises of Star Wars, from the worldwide toy unboxing to the special sale on partnered toy retailers, this is good way to keep the fans updated about the upcoming toys and collectibles. And it?s a surprise since the movie won?t be available until three months later, and the reception from the fans was overwhelming. Hasbro just revealed their 3 ? inch action figures, which was a hit when the first Star Wars movie was shown in the late 70?s by Kenner. The current lineup will include Rey, Finn the new Stormtroopers and Kylo Ren. They also have the more detailed and articulated 6 inch figures for the ?Black? series where it will also include the cast from the new movie. Let?s not forget the vehicles will be getting their own toy form.


Speaking of vehicles, it?s not only Hasbro that will be launching toy vehicles, popular brick building toy Lego has revealed their Lego Star Wars lineup as well, from the Millennium Falcon to the X-Wing. If you are not into large scale toys, you can allows rely on Micro Machines new die cast vehicles at a much smaller size. Or you are that person who wants to relive the Star Wars moments and with their kids, Nerf is launching a series of Star Wars themed toy guns of their famous Nerf brand, and Hasbro even revealed some of their Star Wars toy mask and lightsabers to unleash the Sith or Jedi in you.


Force Friday Sale will be held at Target and Toys R’ Us Stores. Hopefully another Force Friday will be held for next year as more Star Wars movies were being planning until 2020. Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18, 2015.


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