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Forbidden Magna: The Result of a Desire

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Marvelous AQL?s Rune Factory was a brave new game that dared to combine genres. It placed the tried-and-tested farming simulation many players have known to be associated with Harvest Moon and aimed to create a new game that focused on two things: farming and fighting. This time, they?re looking at a new venture, a strategy RPG that they?re set to name Forbidden Magna.

Forbidden Magna?s gameplay will follow a battle system no different from one that gamers encountered playing Valkyria Chronicles. However, expect the cute visual style of Harvest Moon in this one. The story of Forbidden Magna is centered around Lux, an inkeeper who manages to meet different ?spirits? in his journey. The more spirtis he meets during these journeys, the stronger he becomes.

He comes across a girl named Charlotte, who has seemingly lost her memories. Despite this, Charlotte is a very able travel partner; she has terribly destructive powers. Lux and Charlotte embarks on a journey that will reveal to them a very dangerous truth in the world they?re living in, and this sets the tone for the game.

Promising Things for Forbidden Magna

Sometime during this month, the game?s official site announced that there will be a bundle of five drama CDs, along with an eye mask, which comes along with the first copies of the game. The game staff developing it is excited about the game, stating that this game will be a bit similar and at the same time different from the other titles they?ve released so far. The first copies are packaged at around 5.980 yen (US $59) and will ship out on October 2 this year initially in Japan. ??

When the game was revealed, a lot of fans of the other games of Marvelous AQL took to social media and asked if the game was set to be localized in North America. The fans let their voice be heard in Xseed?s Facebook page. Xseed are also credited for bringing over Rune Factory 4 to North America, and is a subsidiary of Marvelous AQL. Xseed responded positively, saying that they are interested in the game.

Reacting to the status of the game as being fairly new, Xseed said that they are looking into the possibility of bringing the game over to the US. They said that it looks great, and that they cannot wait to check it out for themselves.

If you?re a fan of Marvelous AQL games, then brace yourself for the eventual release of this game. While Japan sales are an indication of whether a game would be localized or not, let?s hope that Forbidden Magna will actually do well enough to be localized in the U.S.

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