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For the Professionals with Multiple Accounts: Maximize Your Tweetdeck Usage

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Ever since Twitter was created, there have been a lot of apps developed to work alongside with it. These apps came and went, but Tweetdeck?stayed.

Tweetdeck?is a Twitter-centric social media hub that uses a series of user-defined columns to separate content. Its multi-column format, though hated by many, is a powerful tool for people who manage several accounts, whether it be for a Public Relations-related job or for personal use.?Though its features is not necessarily applicable and useful to everyone, it is still one of the most advanced, if not the best, Twitter applications.?And the best thing about this? It is definitely free of charge.

We have here a few tips to help you maximize this heaven-sent app.

  • Use different accounts.?Even though its name suggests a preference for Twitter, you can add and use different non-Twitter accounts with it such as?Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Buzz and MySpace. Under Preferences, go to the Accounts tab; you will see a range of buttons for adding your various accounts.


  • Let the creative juices flow. If you have always hated the 140-character restriction, you will certainly love Tweetdeck. Yep, there is no tweet limit. With TweetShrink, it will automatically shorten your text. You’re welcome.


  • View different accounts all at once. If you need to monitor different?accounts and profiles for your job, all you need to do is add all the columns you need to keep an eye on, and you are done. Just keep refreshing for updates.
  • Create a custom alert for a keyword. Say, you want to receive updates about the Samsung S5 because you are a technology writer. Tweetdeck?can help you.?Like Google Alerts, you can set up a TweetDeck Twitter alert with any keyword or a combination of keywords. Just add a new column on TweetDeck then select Search and put in the keyword of your choice. All search hits for your keyword will update the new column.
  • Answer queries. For PR people, listen. If your clients and consumers have questions about your products, it is very easy to respond to them through this app. Just type in “a?”??in the text field of the Twitter filter feature. The column will reveal tweets of people around the world who are asking questions.


  • Follow the Stock Market. Users can use the integrated?StockTwits?to follow your portfolio. Click on?Add Column?and select?StockTwits?from the options under?Core. You can easily follow your stocks and see what the entire StockTwits community is saying on AAPL, YHOO, GOOG or MSFT.


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