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For the Pokemon X and Y Addicts: Pokemon Bank Free Trial to End on February 21

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Sad news for those who have just enjoyed the service: the Pokemon Bank free trial will be ending today, February 21. It is time to either make the most out of the free service or decide if it’s worth keeping while playing Pokemon X and Y.

The 30-day free trial period for the Pokemon Bank has allowed and given gamers the storage and transfer abilities from the “Pokemon Black,” “White,” “Black 2” and “White 2” games.

The free trial expiration for the Pokemon Bank applies only to those who have enjoyed the service during its first release for Japanese?Nintendo?3DS devices. At the end of the day (February 21), those who have a Japanese?Nintendo?3DS will only have a short time to renew their subscriptions.?If they failed to do so, gamers will need to withdraw all their Pokemons stored because they may be deleted from the Pokemon Bank. Now that is something we, Pokemon addicts, do not want to happen.


While some are rushing to save all their pokemons stored in the bank, those who are in the U.S. and European territories still have until March 14 to enjoy the free trial.

If you are still worried, here are two newly added questions on?Pokemonbank dot com?that will most probably answer your confusion:


What happens to my Pok?mon if the no-charge trial period ends or my paid pass expires when my Pok?mon are still deposited in?Pok?mon Bank? Will my Pok?mon be lost?”



If your trial pass or annual pass expires and you do not purchase a new pass, you can still withdraw your Pok?mon from?Pok?mon Bank?for a set period of time. However, once that set period of time ends, any Pok?mon remaining in your?Pok?mon Bank?Boxes will be lost. Be sure to withdraw your deposited Pok?mon as soon as possible, or purchase a new annual pass.


What happens if I deposit my Pok?mon, and then after the trial period ends or my annual pass expires, I do not pay the usage fee for some time–but I later purchase a new annual pass? Will I be able to continue using the Pok?mon that I had deposited as they were? After what period of time will my Pok?mon disappear from my previous Boxes?


If your trial pass or annual pass expires and you do not purchase a new annual pass, the Pok?mon you left deposited in your?Pok?mon Bank?Boxes will indeed disappear after a certain period of time, but the details of how long that period will last are not yet available. If you wish to continue using the service, please purchase your next pass as quickly as possible.


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