For the girls: HTC One M8 to come in pink

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The picture says it all. Famous leakster @evleaks shows a mock-up of my favourite Android smartphone, the HTC One M8 in a feminine pink hue. Please excuse me while I spazz.

Even as I write this, I have to stop myself from going to eBay and selling my red HTC One right now. One thing that severely dampened my excitement for the HTC One M8 was the limited color choices and how they didn?t offer up any vivid colors initially. The M7 had a wider range of colors that appealed to more users with their Red, Blue and Green iterations.

But with this latest leak, we can see that the sleek, svelte Android smartphone is going to come out in a color that?s just so darn pretty. A lot of manufacturers forget that smartphones are also supposed to be accessories that reflect personal fashion choices. Samsung has repeatedly come out with champagne pink and gold versions of the Note 3 and S Series. This HTC One M8 pink version is rumored to come out this year, which constitues possibly the most exciting news for me as an HTC fan.


Earlier, a Red HTC One M8 was leaked, but that wasn?t surprising as their exclusive Red M7 released in a few countries. It was such a big selling point that we were sure they?d repeat the performance. After the launch colors that included Gunmetal Gray, Amber Gold and Glacial Silver, we speculated that they?d come out with their well-loved Red and Blue versions as well. The Red version is said to be available for Verizon subscribers only.

But why am I so excited about a pink HTC One M8? It?s one of the best Android smartphones out there and it will finally come out in a new, soft color that like-minded girls and boys may love.


So what else do we love about the HTC One M8? Take a look:

  1. Just the right size. It isn?t a phablet nor is it as tiny as the iPhone 5s. It weighs only 160 g so it?s not something that?s going to take up a lot of your handbag. With the right case and cover, it?s going to be thin and svelte.
  2. Spectacular display. The display is crisp, sharp and full of depth. The 441ppi makes sure you get all your images vividly and it has a 5.0 inch screen. It?s also made of Gorilla Glass so you don?t have to worry about it getting scratched or cracked in your purse.
  3. Android 4.4 KitKat and HTC Sense 6.0. You?re running the latest UI from HTC and the latest version of Android as well. This means that your device is at the forefront of mobile tech right now. Did we mention that HTC Sense is one of the best Android UI out there? You wouldn?t think you?re running the same OS as you find on Samsung phones.
  4. Now with expandable memory. This is a phone that you aren?t going to put down no matter what you?re doing. The previous HTC One couldn?t have expanded memory yet this model has a card slot and still retains the sleek body. You get the best of both worlds.
  5. Dual camera. The HTC One M8 has two cameras at the back, which are going to help with video and photo. It allows you to both take pictures and record video at the same time. The primary camera records at 1080p with 60 fps while the secondary camera has 720p and 60 fps specs as well.
  6. 4G ready. Feminine, functional and super fast. I cannot get enough of the fact that this phone is pretty and powerful at the same time, letting you tap into 4G and LTE networks.

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