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For Honor Story Mode Remains Unaffected By Balancing Changes

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for honor story mode
No major updates for story mode. [Image from Ubisoft]

Several updates might have been released since For Honor launched back in February 14, but the For Honor story mode remains unchanged, which has disappointed many gamers. While the title’s main focus is multiplayer, the story mode is fun and some fans were hoping to see the hero balancing changes in the mode. Sadly, the latest patch does nothing for the one of the few single-player modes in the combat-oriented online multiplayer game.

Fans on Reddit confirmed the lack of any real changes in story mode, so all the updates really was just for multiplayer. Though not a long campaign, fans do enjoy it, so it’s a shame that no big changes were made. Ubisoft might listen if the fans let their voices be heard, though knowing the company, they will probably make a sequel with all the needed fixes.

For Honor, Not Single-Player

According to players, some of the more questionable moments of the For Honor story mode have stayed the same. Kensei’s unblockable attack can only be done by doing a strike after the attack + defense combination, frustrating players. Essential fixes in previous updates also haven’t made their way to story mode, like quick strikes still displaying Unblockable Attack.

The lack of simple customization options have also rubbed some players off the wrong way, since they can’t choose their character’s gender. Choosing a character’s sex is usually pretty simple for most games with custom options, so this is disappointing. Also lacking is the ability to switch between characters in each mission, which has been criticized by fans that want to try out other characters.

What’s Next?

Unless Ubisoft decides to listen to the fans, there won’t be a For Honor story mode update anytime soon. The most recent update was for multiplayer, just like the previous ones before it, so the next one will focus on that as well. During the game’s promotion, it was clear that the game was meant to be a unique multiplayer game, differentiating itself from MOBAs and online shooters.

While it was made by Ubisoft, it seems like the hack-and-slash game didn’t catch much attention, at least when compared to other AAA games. Clearly, it has it’s fans, since no one would be angry at the lack of story mode changes if no one was playing the game. Theoretically, Ubisoft could just make a new sequel, but they should try listening to fans that want these simple story mode changes.

For Honor is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. A new update is also available, so anyone can try out the smoother multiplayer experience.

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